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Hygiene management and infectious disease control of our hotel

In order to make our guests' stay safe and comfortable, we have implemented the following hygiene management and infectious disease control measures.

1. Staff health management


At the time of going to work, we will check the temperature of all staff and conduct a physical condition hearing. Only staff members who are confirmed to be healthy work. During infectious disease epidemics, staff facing the customer are required to wear a mask. ​


2. Guest room hygiene management ​


Prior to check-in, the doorknobs, switches, tables, faucets, remote controls, toilets, and washrooms of the guest's guest room will be cleaned with alcohol to remove bacteria. Bed linen will be replaced with a new one.


3. Public space hygiene management

For hot spring baths, lobbies, elevators, toilets, etc. that are shared by customers, alcohol is used to disinfect the areas where doorknobs and buttons are frequently contacted. Ventilation is done frequently and the air in the lobby is constantly changing.

4. Hygiene management in restaurants ​


During the epidemic, food may be discontinued. We will secure a social distance (1 m or more) in accordance with national guidelines among customers who eat. ​


5. Requests to Customers (Infectious Disease Epidemic Period) ​


When entering the building, please cooperate with the disinfection of your fingers with the disinfectant solution installed at the entrance. We kindly ask for your cooperation in wearing masks. If you are from an endemic area, we will measure your body temperature (in the case of 37.5 degrees or higher, you may be asked to inspect at a hospital, stay in another facility prepared by us, refuse refusal to enter, etc.). Please understand that we will also install a shield to prevent splash infection at the front desk. ​


June 9, 2020

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